The white city-Udaipur

It has been long time I didn’t travel with companions. Two months back we planned to spend few days of Chinese New Year somewhere in India. Udaipur seems to be a good choice since it is not far from Mumbai(1.5 hours for flight). Luckily we reserved cheap flight tickets of Air India and also found a guest house with very fair price. In February, it is a pleasant season in Udaipur where the temperature is maximum at 30 degrees in day time and 18 degrees during night time.

We expected the flight might delay for some time but it delayed for 3 hours which was out of our expectation. More disappointing is that it also delayed for 3  hours in returning.  But still there is one benefit of choosing Air India that we got boarding in the international airport instead of domestic one which is very local, crowded and very few shops and restaurants.

In 2 days we visited city palace, amrai ghat, kani mata(cable car on the hill), monsoon palace, and Shri Rishabh Dev Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra temple, rest of time we were just roaming nearby the guest house among many different shopping stores.

Good food always brings us much joy of travel. Over there we found very nice places such like Millet Mewar, Sun and Moon rooftop restaurant, and good coffee at a cozy place cafesatori. Meanwhile, there are few fail items which didn’t meet our expectation such like: White Terrace Restaurant, and a very horrible breakfast at Hotel Amet Haveli.

The thing made me extremly happy is being with my campanions: two young boys Derrick and Steve. Derrick has lot of ideas of acting and photography, Steve has extraordinary sense in taking shots. The combination came out a role for me to be an actor in front of the camera. Thus we had lot of fun in it.

3 people, 2 cameras and lot of laughter in the journey. I love you boys. 🙂




Good time in a tiny café

It is a very tiny café hidden between flats at a small alley.

By coincidence I noticed this café on an advertising page, then I decided to visit it with my Taiwanese friends on Saturday. It was a good idea that we chose to take Ola instead of the local train since this tiny café is not located on the main road.

Simply lists several kinds of coffee on the menu…nothing else. Very commits to offering a cup of qualified coffee. And truly it was the best coffee we have ever tasted in Mumbai.

Next time I will take the local train. Drop at Khar station and walk for 20 minutes to get over there.


Photo credit: Steve Chen

Forever Thirty-Five

Today, there is one more age counted on my life.

After today, I will be at forever 35, I think it is the most beautiful age of a woman. Also I promised to myself that no matter how many years will be added up to my life, maybe 75, 85 or 95…, spiritually I am 35.

Maybe it will be wonderred why I don’t want to stay at 25? (Yes, it is a younger and attractive age since it looks so fresh.). But after I had gone through 10 years from 25 to 35, I am very confident and happy to remain on the more mature and wise stage.

Recently I have been recalling the memory between last B-day till today, the most beautiful and bitter one happened on the same thing. Plus I also had understood something from it. That is the EGO.

It will be a life long practice that don’t be stuck by the EGO but stand out from it, free the SOUL.

All the BEST.

Birthday selfies since 2012


排燈節紀實 Diwali in Mumbai


根據我跟印度同事討論的結果,對孟買人而言,另外兩個大節日應該是春天3月的色彩節Holi跟秋天9月的象神節Ganesha。不過,以“land of festival”聞名的印度而言,在這片廣大多元的土地上,節日著實太多,誰也說不準,在哪一個省邦,又有著什麼樣具代表性的節日。



排燈節的由來,始於Lord Rama結束14年的深山靈修回歸他的王國Ayodhya時,其妻子Sita遭遇Lord Rama弟弟Laxman的設計,遭10頭怪Lanka Ravana囚禁。為了營救愛妻,Lord Rama打敗10頭怪,凱旋回國,王國子民一齊點燃燈火,迎接Lord Rama榮歸。而這一天,後來被賦予”光明戰勝邪惡“的含義,名為Diwali. (Wikipedia: Diwali (English: /dɪˈwɑːl/)[4] or Sanskrit dīpāvali means “series of lights”,[22] and is derived from dīpam “light, lamp” and oli “glow of light”. Diwali is also known as dīpotsavam “festival of lights”)。




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An expat in Mumbai_Anniversary

I was reminded this morning in the bed by an email from company that it is my anniversary day of working in Mumbai.

There is nothing special except that email today. But actually there has been something in my mind and I am writing it down as a special note for my anniversary.

I started my journey in India since 15 years back. The first Indian person I met is the most special one in my life during the past 15 years: loved, fighted, separated, struggled, ….., so much had happened in our lives. Now we are in different cities, living our own life.

I fell in love with India at the first time I visited India. The color, the smell, the people, the food, the dirt, the easiness, the noise……it is an extremely mixed country. This huge land contains so various cultures, languages, religions, arts, sceneries.

After the last long travel in southern India in 2016, I got a job in Mumbai where is the first city I landed in 2002. Living and working in India is just like a dream turning to be true. Without surprise traveling and working are different, traveling is so romantic while working is the the reality, a real life. It has become a very normal life which is like a resident, 5 working day and 2 holidays weekly.

I didn’t find difficulty with living in India, on the contrary, I feel quite easy in many aspects such like environment, people, inconvenience, inefficiency, pollution, noise, crazy traffic….I had a conversation with Korean colleagues regarding my anniversary. We questioned with each other that “How do we survive in India for one year?”, here is an answer we all agree with:

“Forget every bad thing happened on you, let it go. Live hard, work hard, for now and here”.



An expat in Mumbai Memo 2

In Mumbai, the most popular transportation is the train. Of course there are some other choices like: Uber, Ola, private cars, rickshaws….., however if we don’t want to stuck in the traffic train is always the first choice.

It is just like the lifeline of Mumbai residents. From my location, I usually take Western Line which is one of four lines of Mumbai Suburban Railway.

The Western Line is about 100 kilometers and supports with 35 stops, from northern to southern.

Recently I found something interesting with the Western Line, the reason is just like pushing someone out of the comfort-room and go toward the living in Mumbai. That person is myself only, since I decided not to stay in the room or just be active around my apartment on every weekend, instead I want to hug this wild place, join the crowd, sweating, smelling….

I recorded every stops of Western Line. Every weekend I select one stop randomly, put it on google map, see what’s new or fun around this station. Walk to the train station, get into the train, drop at that station, open facebook check in function….then find the most popularly check in place and…. go.

I found lot of fun through it. And every place is new for me. Usually there is a market close to station, many stuff I can find and of course including side road food stalls which I can find cheap but yammy Indian daily food.

There is a station Lower Parel, 21 kilometers away from my place. In one side there are traditional market, food stalls, poor people lives on the roadside of flyover; on the other side there are luxury malls, hotel, bars, restaurants, movie theater.

It was very nice to spend Saturday night time among those places. See what I had found this weekend:

The sweet shop, on the sideroad near Lower Parel station. Sweet exists in the soul of Indian.
I took this picture on the flyover, after I passed the slum area. It looks so old.
@Blindspot, the rock band.
The traditional market. I always love those stalls and people.
The live show. Very impressive.
The mall, it is much smaller than Palladium mall.
Way to Palladium mall. The luxury hotel St. Regis is just next to the mall.
Walk down from the flyover there are modern buildings. The slum area is just behind of me.
It is late at around 23:00 in the night, in the first class cabinet for ladies, thus it is quite empty. But I don’t understand why this lady is sitting rather on the ground than on the seat.
The babar shop. Such kind of shop is very popular in India. Simple.






對我而言,這個工作的內容,遠遠較之前的經歷,簡單太多,不忙,不煩,不急….之於我游刃有餘; 但是,行銷資源不足,無法與客戶面對面溝通,銷售模式難以改變…等因素,是困難也是挑戰,就業務面而言,將現有資源極大化,進而擴大市場,創造營業額,成為我最棒的功課。