Forever Thirty-Five

Today, there is one more age counted on my life.

After today, I will be at forever 35, I think it is the most beautiful age of a woman. Also I promised to myself that no matter how many years will be added up to my life, maybe 75, 85 or 95…, spiritually I am 35.

Maybe it will be wonderred why I don’t want to stay at 25? (Yes, it is a younger and attractive age since it looks so fresh.). But after I had gone through 10 years from 25 to 35, I am very confident and happy to remain on the more mature and wise stage.

Recently I have been recalling the memory between last B-day till today, the most beautiful and bitter one happened on the same thing. Plus I also had understood something from it. That is the EGO.

It will be a life long practice that don’t be stuck by the EGO but stand out from it, free the SOUL.

All the BEST.

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An expat in Mumbai Memo 1

There must be some reason behind that we left our place and be the resident in an unfamiliar city. For me it is kind of romantic adventure, to live in a city which is extremely on the opposite of my homeland. Yes, it is my reason and sounds bit crazy. More than that,  I work for a company which 90% of staffs are Indian….I tell you, it is really crazy.

Here crazy is not a bad word, on the contrary, I defined it as a mood of challenge, positive and alteration. With the mood I started my crazy life in Mumbai from 11th of  July in 2016.

The first challenge is monsoon. Usually monsoon starts in June and stops in September. That means there are at least 4 months of rain. Personally I hate rain, not to mention it happens in summer. The wet and hot…humid. It doesn’t keep raining but usually rains suddenly and heavily. Thus the traffic becomes terrible and the road is sometimes flooded. And if at that moment there is no single vehicle you can call for giving you a ride, it would make you feel like in the hell.

The best solution is wearing rain boots.

Honking is the unique one on the streets. Drivers honk the horn no matter it is hurry, alert, pushing or noticing. For me it became kind of meditation whenever I was walking on the road, just ignore all the mess and noise, only focus on my steps. And crossing the road which is without signals is always like a competition. There is no such word “courtesy” on the road, everything and every one are competing with speed and spunk.

Dust, Dust and Dust….it is everywhere: floor, bed, desk and of course including my body. I think it is because the condition of roads. Majority of the roads in Mumbai are not well maintained and dust fly with the running of vehicles.

It is worth to talk about the train, the most important part of the life of Mumbai residents. Most of the staffs take trains every day between home and office. There is no gate for checking the tickets and even no guards because there are very huge numbers of passenger in and out in the train station every day. The rate of tickets are cheap and affordable. And as the same, there is no such word of “courtesy” in the train. While getting on and off the train I feel like the competition again. Just be ready for fighting…stand stable and hold your bag tightly…and go go go!!!

It is good that female have their own carriage.
Passengers are always hurry to get on and off the train.

Well, so far you may only read my crazy life of challenge. And there are still many, interesting or not, Let me tell you next time.

-To Be Continued-

Mumbai-not just a stop of rove

There has been a rover living in my soul, my heart, my mind.

However, I am not only a rover any more when I walked out from Mumbai airport carrying two luggages filled with my staffs which are in a very small part of those I left in Taiwan. Yes, a very small part because my whole life, my memory, my families, my friends….are all be left behind the soul of a rover, my ego.

It has been more than two weeks passed since that humid day I was picked up and sent to the hotel, be tired but excited; be wondering but ready to explore. Since that day I am not a only a rover but also a resident in this city which I have been dreaming of.

The city which can’t even be compare with my native one: the city is mess, dusty, dirty, crowded, noisy….yes, can’t even be compare with my native one: the city is romantic,  lovely, kind, lush, active, easy….the city which has been waiting for me to do something and make my dream come true. Yet, what is the dream? Does it hide deeply inside of me and till now I even don’t find  what it is exactly calling me to do?

I am still wondering but somehow I feel there is something different inside. Most part of me is different. I smile for it is better than ever.

Life is definitely going to be normal, easy, or maybe it is without challenge when everything has been settled down. What else I can find for the rover inside?

Certainly it is my next,  keep going.

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In attraction, there is aggressiveness. In love, there is submission. 

為愛而服從,對我而言彷彿是更高層次的修煉,我從來不認為,基於愛的緣故,必須永遠考量「兩個人」的一切,這個字眼「submission 」更是令人旋繞再旋繞去玩味咀嚼其內蘊的意涵。









以上所言的設施,對我們而言,就是再平常不過的生活必需品,然而在印度的Srinagar & Gulmarg:民宿的無線網路龜速(Gulmarg甚至沒有無線網路),電熱水器必須等加熱,想要洗一個熱水澡需要等超過一個小時,不像日本或是西方先進國家,家中或是飯店有安裝暖氣,這些地方是沒有暖氣的,房間裡只有電熱毯。Srinagar固定上午6:00~7:00跟晚間18:00~19:00停電; Gulmarg更慘:不定時停電,床舖棉被不知被多少人用過沒洗(但是這部分我不責怪,畢竟資源實在很缺乏,無法像大都市一樣,能夠有完善的清洗工廠,在Srinagar遇到一個俄羅斯籍的男孩,他說他使用自行攜帶的睡袋,我認為這主意不錯,下回可以比照),馬桶蓋上還有殘餘尿漬,在飯店大廳,親眼看見小老鼠從我的眼前跑過去…..,這些在當下都考驗著「隨遇而安」的修養。