Sofar Sounds Bombay

Yesterday I joined a live concert in Worli, Mumbai. The host is Sofar Sounds Bombay.

I came to know Sofar Sounds several months back. It was gratefully that finally I was in since it was the fourth or fifth time of applying to join the live concert. Previously I was always informed that “we are sorry that you are not joining this time”. Initially I was so upset and the mood was questioning “what the hell?”. But slowly I realized it is actually a very good strategy of making such live concert more noticeable difference.

The procedure of the live concert is that the announcement is 2 or 3 weeks prior of the date of show, and the fans shall apply to join via website/email then wait for the message of whether we will be joining or not. One more interesting thing is that the venue has been kept as a secret until the day before the show.
There were three bands performed the show in TAO art gallery yesterday. The music was more like Jazz but also mixed with some classical, hip hop, funk, african and folk….., the quality of audiences was also very good.
Now I am absolutely agree with the way Sofar managed the shows and admire all the effort they have been doing to support those individual musicians who are definitely the talents.
If you also pursue the pure music which is without commercial craft, welcome to visit Sofar Sounds Bombay for detail.

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