An expat in Mumbai_Anniversary

I was reminded this morning in the bed by an email from company that it is my anniversary day of working in Mumbai.

There is nothing special except that email today. But actually there has been something in my mind and I am writing it down as a special note for my anniversary.

I started my journey in India since 15 years back. The first Indian person I met is the most special one in my life during the past 15 years: loved, fighted, separated, struggled, ….., so much had happened in our lives. Now we are in different cities, living our own life.

I fell in love with India at the first time I visited India. The color, the smell, the people, the food, the dirt, the easiness, the noise……it is an extremely mixed country. This huge land contains so various cultures, languages, religions, arts, sceneries.

After the last long travel in southern India in 2016, I got a job in Mumbai where is the first city I landed in 2002. Living and working in India is just like a dream turning to be true. Without surprise traveling and working are different, traveling is so romantic while working is the the reality, a real life. It has become a very normal life which is like a resident, 5 working day and 2 holidays weekly.

I didn’t find difficulty with living in India, on the contrary, I feel quite easy in many aspects such like environment, people, inconvenience, inefficiency, pollution, noise, crazy traffic….I had a conversation with Korean colleagues regarding my anniversary. We questioned with each other that “How do we survive in India for one year?”, here is an answer we all agree with:

“Forget every bad thing happened on you, let it go. Live hard, work hard, for now and here”.