Wedding in Varanasi

I met the girl Shriya two years back in Varanasi. It was the first time I went to Varanasi.

December, 12 is her sister Shristy’s wedding. After two years I made my word true that I promised I will attend the wedding. After more than 30 hours of train travel and bit struggled with applying personal leave to my supervisor.

Shristy is a beautiful girl, but it is not enough. She is smart and lovely as well. Always at the first of her class. At her age of 21, traditionally she married to a boy whom was chosen by her parents. I only saw that boy in the wedding and never talked with him. But I believe they are made to each other.

In the past I could not image how two persons can get married without the procedure of “fall in love”. However, now I believe there is kind of rational concept behind “the arranged marriage”, and I even don’t know why and how I was convinced to believe it. Moreover I feel there is kind of beauty behind “the arranged marriage”. They met each other may be once or twice just before the marriage, and start to know each other after the marriage, then be together for the rest of lives.

For the limitation of time, actually I was not one of the witnesses of the ceremony. But it was more special for me that I was in the room where females got themselves ready for the ceremony: dressing up, making up. And the bride, the most beautiful one, I was so proud that I saw how she “was prepared to be a bride”.  The luxury dress, the various accessaries, the flowers….all of them are just stunning.

I was the only foreigner in the wedding. It was my first experience of Indian wedding. And definitely I will reserve at least two days for an Indian wedding in the future because traditionally the wedding will be continued for all night.


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