Lady in Pink

We met R in the area “Kamathipura”, she wore a beautiful Kurti and said hello to us nicely.

V and I visited “Kamathipura” for our curiosity and V would like to have some interview with workers there. After more than 1 hour of train time and expensive cab charge we arrived “Kamathipura” where sexual workers earn, drug, and live there with their life long stories.

R met her lover in Bangal at the most pretty age of eighteen, embraced her dream and was so innocent that she believed her lover was her whole world till she was sold to another person with 25 rupees.

“What??!!!” I was shocked when I knew she was sold with ONLY 25 rupees.

It was 30 years ago, in Mumbai, a place her dream had been broken and then she started a life of being a prostitute under the control of a drug, sex faction. I don’t know how she managed her life during the passed 30 years, but I do believe her most painful of the heart broken.

When we met R on the street, in front of her “work place” which is a 3 floors flat. Looks old, narrow, helpless…, she was so nice,  without hesitate or shyness, talked with V and I and invited us to her “room” which is a very small place contains one single bad on the 3rd floor. Initially V and I were bit concerned because We were not sure if she took misunderstood that she would invited us for “sex” deal…, however we decided to go and see what would happen next. The stairs up to her room were so narrow and it was bit dark inside except a small window where the sun light came in, and for me that small window made me kind of special feeling that it was just like the only hope made the way bright.

As soon as we came in her room, we even didn’t feel uncomfortable or smelly, on the contrary, her room is clean. And at the same time we realised that she wanted to “rent her room” to us with 300 rupees.

“Ohhh….she thought that V and I needed a room for some purposes”.

Lucky us that we met another guy who knows “Malayalam” which is the local language of southern India(V is from Kerala). V and I don’t know Hindi, thus it was so difficult to communicate with R since she only knows Hindi and very less English.

According to that guy, R has been working there for several decades, she has a child lives in another place(Nobody knows who is the father of that child). She earned money for her child and families. But both her families and child don’t want her because of her job, it is a shameful job in their eyes. R is one of the few workers who is healthy and far aways from drug, alcohols and HIV. But it seems that there is no end of her bitter life since she owes money to the guy and she needs to support her families. More worse, the polices ask for 1000 rupees of commission from every workers  weekly, but R only earn 250 rupees~500 rupees by every sexual deal and it is not easy for her to make much money since she is old compare with other young workers. (Young girls can make a deal up to 1000 rupees).

V and I left “Kamathipura” with the same bitter mind. R sent us downstairs and V gave her 100 rupees, thanked for her time. She was so happy and it seemed that she met 2 more friends in her life. I will never ever forget her smile and the moment I hold her hand saying good-bye.









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